This is a 6-panel, single-page zine for US Letter and A4 paper (2 separate pdfs). I made this second edition in about 6 hours, almost exclusively featuring the beautiful work of Alfons Mucha (my favorite artist).

The inspiration behind the first edition of this zine was the desire to shed light on some feelings I was struggling to articulate as a genderqueer individual raised by conservative catholic christians. It was short, rambly, and slightly incoherent. The inspiration behind this second edition  was to give myself a redo after letting  transphobic rhetoric take center stage and derail my first attempt. While still touching on themes of internalized transphobia, I no longer allow bigotry space at the table meant exclusively for my gender exploration.

I'm leaving the 1st editions up alongside the updated editions, for anyone who enjoys reading too deeply into all the changes :)

I hope that this zine reaches whoever needs to read it, so that they feel less alone in their lived experiences. Feel free to collect and/or distribute as many copies as you'd like.

Full Credit to alienmelon for the Electric Zine Maker software I used to create this.

Cover image created by a significant other! :)

Install instructions

How To Fold and 8 Page Zine (with Cut)

It's just a pdf, so download and print away! The link above is provided to aid anybody who has never folded an 8-page zine before :)


Plaintext File for Screenreaders (2nd ed.) 2 kB
US Letter Size PDF (1st ed.) 918 kB
A4 Size PDF (1st ed.) 991 kB
LETTER_FemUrge_Revision.pdf 1 MB

Development log

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