Launched My First Zine lol

"The Feminine Urge To Be A Man" is now available for free! Technically the donate button is present but i haven't set up payments yet. might do a postmortem later.



[8:24 PM] how arbitrary IS gender, who dictates the labels, who dictates what is and isnt socially acceptable, the bad faith arguments made by ppl who r not just transphobic but also anti-queer towards cis str8 ppl, commentary on how arbitrarily policing cis str8 queering of expected norms creates a more hostile world for queer non cis non str8 ppl

[8:24 PM] etc. etc.

[8:25 PM] the failure of language to communicate this idea across barriers of understanding and lived experience, ultimately, as well

This is an 8-panel, single-page zine for US Letter and A4 paper (2 separate pdfs). I made it in about 16 hours, using the artwork of Alfons Mucha. The inspiration was to shed light on some feelings I was struggling to articulate as a genderqueer individual raised by conservative catholic christians. short, rambly, and slightly incoherent. very Queerness Is A Spectrum of me. and it was extremely raw, emotionally, so don't take it personally if I don't engage in comment debates. Hopefully it helps somebody else going thru something similar.

It's meant to be exchanged between two people directly or distributed amongst a larger group in order to facilitate discussion on the arbitrary nature of gender and the failure of current language to effectively communicate these nonbinary/queer experiences without playing by anti-trans definitions to begin with. And to generally facilitate a discussion on the lived experiences and struggles of any-type-of-trans (binary, nonbinary, fluid, etc.) person as a whole.

Full Credit to alienmelon for the Electric Zine Maker software I used to create this.


US Letter Size PDF (1st ed.) 918 kB
May 05, 2022
A4 Size PDF (1st ed.) 991 kB
May 05, 2022

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