2nd Edition: More Content, Less Transphobia, and Stylized Theming!

The inspiration behind this second edition was to give myself a redo after letting transphobic rhetoric take center stage and derail my first attempt. While still touching on themes of internalized transphobia, I no longer allow bigotry to take up SO MUCH SPACE at the table meant exclusively for my gender exploration.

i feel much better about this version, and I was able to create a virtual zine flipbook for this edition, as well as a screenreader-friendly plaintext file.

cover image created, once again, by nepenthe’s significant other


US Letter Size PDF (2nd ed.) 1 MB
Jul 30, 2022
A4 Size PDF (2nd ed.) 1 MB
Jul 30, 2022
FemUrge_2ndEd.zip Play in browser
Jul 30, 2022

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